Eva Schorr (28 September 1927 – January 2016) was a German painter and composer.

 Eva Weiler was born in Crailsheim, Württemberg. Her father was a music and art teacher and gave her lessons in both. At the age of eight she began composing, and at the age of 15 won prizes for composition and organ. She studied music in Stuttgart with Johann Nepomuk David and Anton Nowakowski. She also studied with Olivier Messiaen in Darmstadt. She was married to Dieter Schorr, music editor of the Stuttgarter Nachrichten and had two sons and a daughter. She died at the age of 88 January 2016. WIKIPEDIA

 VIDEO: Eva Schorr: Retro für Klavier und Orchester, I Memorial (live Mitschnitt) Felix Romankiewicz, Klavier Kammerphilharmonie Stuttgart Simon Schorr, Leitung...