Robert Craft, Stravinsky Adviser and Steward, Dies at 92

Mr. Craft’s close relationship with Stravinsky included sustaining and interpreting the composer’s legacy. 

 Robert Lawson Craft (October 20, 1923 – November 10, 2015) was an American conductor and writer. He is best known for his intimate working friendship with Igor Stravinsky, on which Craft drew in producing numerous recordings and books. Craft met Stravinsky in 1948, and from then until the composer's death in 1971, Craft continued to work alongside Stravinsky in a variety of roles. A relationship that started out with Craft in a rather modest role eventually evolved into a full artistic partnership. Craft compiled the libretti for Stravinsky's The Flood and A Sermon, a Narrative and a Prayer, and lived with Igor and Vera Stravinsky in Hollywood and later in New York City. Craft remained close to the composer's widow until her death in 1982. After Stravinsky's death, Craft continued to concertize and to write. His 2002 book, An Improbable Life, details his life before, during, and after his friendship with Stravinsky. The memoir elaborates on the impact that Igor Stravinsky had on his life. Craft married Stravinsky's longtime nurse, Rita Christiansen, and is the father of one son, Robert Alexander Craft, who lives in Copenhagen. Late in life he made a second marriage, to Alva Rodriquez Minoff (a real estate salesperson). Craft died on November 10, 2015, in Gulf Stream, Florida

 VIDEO: "Scenes de Ballet: Apotheose" by Robert Craft & St. Luke's Orchestra