Seymour Lipkin, Pianist and Conductor, Dies at 88

Seymour Lipkin, a pianist and conductor widely admired in both roles for his acute, deliberately unflashy musicianship, died on Monday, 16 Nov 2015, in Blue Hill, Me. He was 88. Pianist Seymour Lipkin was born in Detroit. His grandfather had been a violinist (his custom violin is now on loan for Juilliard students to use), and while Lipkin’s parents weren’t musicians, they were musical, and they noted and encouraged his early interest in listening to music. When Lipkin was 11, he moved to Philadelphia to study at Curtis, boarding with a local family (that Curtis supplied with a piano). A few years later, his sister, Eleanor, joined him, and she later enjoyed a successful performing career in Europe. Lipkin received a Bachelor of Music from Curtis in 1947 and has been on the faculty there since 1969. In addition to Juilliard, where he joined the faculty in 1986, Lipkin has also taught at Manhattan School of Music, New England Conservatory, and Marymount College. He has performed as a soloist with most major American orchestras, recorded extensively, and also had a distinguished conducting career. NYTimes Obit

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