Bogdan Trochanowski, 62

Polish cellist and composer Bogdan Trochanowski, who has been living in Caracas, Venezuela for 30 years, died Tuesday morning at the age of 62, said Venezuelan journalist Justyna Zun Dalloul, Wednesday. Trochanowski was born in Warsaw and he studied in Warsaw and Krakow, southern Poland. He was a soloist of the National Philharmonic Concert Hall. In 1977, he went to the Venezuela, where he stayed there until his final days. He performed under his stage-name Dan Savicha. In 1978, he started playing in the Symphonic Orchestra in Maracaibo and in the Symphonic Orchestra in Caracas. In 1990, Trochanowski became a professor at the Jose Lorenzo Llamozas Academy of Music in Caracas. Since 1994, he has been acting artistic and music consultant for the Contemporary Music Centre in Caracas. Three years later he was also named artistic director of Atma Music International. Throughout his life and career, he performed in numerous countries, donating large portions of the income from his concerts to various charity organizations.

His concerts have been recorded by both Polish Radio and Television, as well as many broadcast stations in Germany, France and Venezuela.

Trochanowski received numerous prestigious international prizes, including a medal and metal plaque in Cumana in 1981