Rolf Schweizer was a German composer, choirmaster and church music director, who was based primarily at Pforzheim.

Swiss... grew up in Mundingen, today a district of Emmendingen. He received his first musical training in wind music club of the village. He studied Protestant church music at the Church Music Institute Heidelberg u. a. with Wolfgang Fortner , Hermann Meinhard Poppen , Wolfgang Dallmann and Heinz Werner Zimmermann . From 1956 to 1966 he was cantor at St. John's Church in Mannheim . In 1966 he was District Kantor in Pforzheim , which he remained until his retirement. In 1969 he was appointed director of church music and cantor 1975 country of Mittelbaden. Swiss the title of professor in 1984 by the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg (then Lothar Späth ) awarded. In his work as a choir, brass and orchestra conductor he was known far beyond the region. He also composed sacred songs, Trombones and children's choir music, as well as larger choral, orchestral and organ works. WIKIPEDIA

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